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Lower Eyelid Wrinkle、Apple Cheek、Laugh Lines
【2 days 1 night in Seoul, Effect last for 5~8 years】

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What is lower eyelid wrinkle? How can Korean celebrities have perfect upper cheek shape (apple cheek)? How to sculpture a young and v-shape face? 2013-10-15
The formal name of 『lower eyelid wrinkle』is called 『Indian Mark』. At IPS, we called it『little apple』. It impacts on the first impression at first sight. Korean thinks this part symbolize “good fortune” like what Chinese said “blessed”. Many customers send their photos and ask for solution of their dark under eye circles. IPS doctor always suggests that dark under eye circles should be treated with lower eyelid wrinkle to get the best result. However, not many custo [more]
Good-looking Desire ~ Joan’s Husband Rejuvenation Trip In Korean ! Not Plastic Surgery ~ Just Getting 5-year Younger Look ~ 2013-10-05
2 months after surgery I have been asked how was my husband’s surgery recentl ...more
Men want to look good too! Joan’s Husband Goes to Korea for Face Rejuvenation Report : Day 1~ Day 4 2013-10-02
When Jona’s husband notices that his wife is getting younger and prettier … he ...more
Answer To “Double Eyelid Surgery Myth” From Joan’s Personal Experience 2013-09-27
As IPS GM for a long time, I have been asked questions about double eyelid for many many times. M ...more
IPS New Hostel : SUN CITY Residence 2013-09-22
All IPS members know that IPS service includes almost everything (accommodation, airport pic ...more
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IPS CEO’s Personal Experience of Lipomatic Liposculpture

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蘋果肌回春術Secret to Looking 10 Years Younger Golden Lift Skin Rejuvenation
Advanced technique over traditional facelift in Korea. Golden lift stimulates collagen rejuvenation. Combined with placenta treatments, Golden Lift retains long-lasting youth.

Golden Lift Dark Circle Removal Bone Reduction

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